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Based on the 1976 novel "A Watcher in the Woods" by Florence Engel Randall,

Watcher in the Woods: A New Musical is a story of remembrance and reconnection, 

a universal reminder that we must come together to carry on.


Summer. 1976.

It’s been nearly a year and Jan is still haunted by the tragic loss of her father.

Now, her mother has moved them into a creepy old house that's owned by a creepier old woman. 

Here, surrounded by dark woods, the haunting is real.

Forces she cannot see and feelings that are not hers quickly pull Jan into a local ghost story. 


Three families.

Three generations.

Five decades.

One missing girl.

Someone or something  in the woods wants Jan to know the truth. 

Summer. 1926.

 Rural New England.

Anne Aylwood is the widowed mother of fifteen year old Karen, her only lifeline from total heartbreak.

In the dark lullaby, "Time For You", Anne soothes Karen to sleep after another nightmare,

never suspecting her daughter will vanish in the woods, that very night, and into a fifty year mystery.